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The Fox Terrier Club

Officers and Comittee

President: Mr R Bebbington

Vice President: Mr A Goodsell

Hon. Life Vice President:
Mrs S Wiggins
Miss P Fox
Dr R Barbour
Mr J Watson
Mrs A Thornton

Hon. Secretary: Mrs Cherry Davies

Hon. Treasurer: Miss J Darby

Hon. Yearbook Co-Ordinator:
Mr A Goodsell

Hon. Cup Steward: Miss E Hannar

Show Manager: Mr P Horspool


The Fox Terrier Club Comittee:

Mrs M Clifford
Miss J Darby
Ms N Ketley
Miss E Hannar
Mr R Bebbington
Mrs A Thornton
Mr P Horspool
Miss R Pearce
Mr D Hughes
Mr W Browne-Cole
Mrs S Nixon
Mr A Goodsell
Mrs P Broom (co-opted)
Mrs J Thornton (co-opted)

Download The Fox Terrier Club Judiging List - Updated March 2017

Annual General Meeting
AUG 2 2014
Will be held before the Championship Show
at Great Barr Leisure Centre, Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B44 8NU

Please note that members wishing to make nominations (duly seconded) for the committee or any officer must do so on or before 14 July 2014

No nominations can be accepted at the meeting

Remember, this is your club
It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend the AGM.


1876: The Fox Terrier Club was formed " sworn to foster, encourage and develop" the then most popular of all terriers. Mr. Harding Cox was appointed Honorary Secretary. It is thought that The Fox Terrier Club is the oldest breed club in the Terrier Group.

Subscriptions raised to provide a suitably impressive 'Challenge Cup' to be offered for Best Fox Terrier (Wire or Smooth.)

The Fox Terrier Club issued the first Breed Standard, drawn up by a sub-committee of terrier men who knew the terrier in its work. Other clubs that were adopting a standard subsequently borrowed many of the points formulated by The Fox Terrier Club and this was taken as a great compliment. The Breed Standard remains only slightly altered to this day.

1877: First Fox Terrier Club Show held at Lillie Bridge, West Brampton on May 2nd and 3rd. Judge was Mr. Theodore Bassett, who judged both breeds. Entry Fee: Ten Shillings Per Dog. Number of entries 220.

Original list of Club members published: 48 Members.

1879: Produce Stakes Class introduced into the club's shows - later sub-divided into Derby and Oaks Stakes -which provided huge entries and not inconsiderable prize money. The classes are no longer scheduled at the The Fox Terrier Club Show due to falling support.

1881: The Fox Terrier Club started to run up to 4 shows a year until 1904 when annual competition apparently met requirements.

1883: First Year Wires and Smooths were judged by separate judges; previously the same judge had judged both breeds. This resulted in a tie for the Grand Challenge Cup between the Wire 'Briggs' and the Smooth 'Spice'': the referee settled in favour of the Smooth. The Fox Terrier Club then acquired a second Grand Challenge Cup for Wires, the original being retained for Smooths. These historic cups are still competed for each year with the winning dogs' name and owner being inscribed on the base.

1917-1920: The Fox Terrier Club ran no shows

1922: The Fox Terrier Club ran 2 shows in 1 year for the last time until an open show was added in 2005 in a response to the dissolution of many of the regional clubs.

1930's: One Year in this decade 7,345 Wires and 2,126 Smooths were registered with the Kennel Club. By comparison, in 2002 there were 665 Wires and 167 Smooths registered with the Kennel Club

1943-1944: The Fox Terrier Club ran no shows

1969: The Fox Terrier Club re-introduced a 'Young Stock' show by the then President Miss Kathleen Emery - an Open show limited to dogs under 18 months old. This would offer a training ground for young stock and also emerging judges waiting in the wings, prior to awarding CC's. This show ran until 1974 due to economic reasons and falling support

1976: The Fox Terrier Club celebrated it's Centenary, 243 members attended the pre-show dinner and the show received an entry of 459 from 233 dogs - 104 Wires and 129 Smooths. The breed judges were Captain John Glover "Hewshot" for the Smooths and Mr. Jack Bywater "Kenelm" who judged Wires. The winner of the Grand Challenge Cup for Smooths was Ch. Boreham Ballet Star and for Wires was Ch. Harwire Hetman of Whinlatter. The Wire, owned by Mr and Mrs E May went on to win Best in Show under Mr. Cyril Witham of the renowned "Townville" affix.

The show was attended by a large contingent of overseas visitors, who contributed greatly to making this a historic event.

1999: Fox Terrier Club ran the first Ernest Sharpe Masterclass. The class was repeated the following year - Photos

2000: The Fox Terrier Club ran it's Millennium Show, which had a truly international flavour, reflecting the newly instituted 'Pet Passport Scheme' - allowing dogs to be brought into the UK without quarantine. Smooth Judge Wood Wornall, arrived from the USA and the Wire Judge Mrs. Grethe Bergendahl from Norway and our own internationally famous Ernest Sharpe was the Best in Show judge.

The Wires received an entry of 99 - from 88 dogs and the Smooths received an entry of 106 from 95 dogs.

Included was the first overseas entry to The Fox Terrier Club - Fairwyre Prospect, exported to Italy by Ann and Bob Stanfield and brought back for the show by Adriano and Sarah Sardo.

Best in Show was the Wire - Ch. Saredon Could It Be Magic, owned and handled by Miss Dieny Uiterwyck Winkel and bred by Mrs Judy Averis.

Gold Cup Winner Smooth & Best Puppy in Show was the Smooth Migley Lyric of Rockenhart owned by the Hartigan family, bred by Mrs Margaret Clifford and handled by Mr Garrett Hartigan.

74 enthusiasts from 12 different countries had made long journey's to attend the celebrations and some 200 attended the Annual Dinner held the evening of the show.
The following day Wood Wornall held an extremely successful workshop on handling Fox Terriers to a packed room of Fox Terrier fanciers, passing on many tips for presenting Fox Terriers in the show ring. A full review is in the 2000 Fox Terrier Club yearbook Photos

2000: The Fox Terrier Club organised an Inter Club Match as a social event and an opportunity for young enthusiasts to judge Fox Terriers in a relaxed environment, 8 Regional Breed Clubs participated. A parade of Champions from other breeds in the Terrier group was also held. A full review appears in the 2000 yearbook.

2001: The Fox Terrier Club organised a group visit to Pennsylvania, USA to see the famous Montgomery Kennel Club Terrier Show & preceding shows. The trip was a great success attended by UK and overseas members. A full review appears in the 2001 yearbook.

2002: The Fox Terrier Club organised another group visit to The World Show in Amsterdam and the Netherlands Fox Terrier Club Show held the following day - again the trip was a great success and a full review appears in the 2002 yearbook.

2002: The Fox Terrier Club organised the 'Terrier-ific' event put on especially for young people involved with Fox Terriers and other breeds in the Terrier Group. A successful workshop for aspiring judges was held as part of the event together with a parade of Top Winning dogs in the Terrier Group.

2009: The Fox Terrier Club held a celebration of 100 years of the Watteau Fox Terrier kennels at it's annual Championship show and Dinner



The Fox Terrier Club warmly welcomes new members just as it welcomes renewals from existing members.

All members receive a copy of the most recent edition of our Yearbook

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in either breed of Fox Terrier, you do not need to own a one to be a member.

Our membership is represented by breeders from all over the UK as well as overseas members from 24 counties.
Annual Subscription Rates
UK: £20
Overseas: £22 (to cover additional postage)
Junior (up to 18) (UK or Overseas): £5 (Year book - but no voting rights)


New Applications - Please download and print this membership form and follow the instructions on the form. Membership application/renewal form can be downloaded
- click here

Renewals - Please make your cheque payable to: The Fox Terrier Club and send to the Hon. Treasurer (subscriptions are due on 1st January):
Joanna Darby
The Grange
Clifton Road
DE12 8BX
Tel:01827 373278

The Fox Terrier Club holds its Annual General Meeting the morning of our championship show before judging, as advertised in Dog World and Our Dogs, at which the President, Treasurer and Secretary present their reports to members. All members are invited to attend this Meeting to express their views or suggestions and to vote on any proposals presented to the meeting, in accordance with current rules.



Fox Terrier Rescue is a voluntary-run organisation to care for Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers in need of a new home and to help find the right homes for dogs in their care.

Through no fault of their own Fox Terriers may find themselves in a position where they are looking for a new home, sometimes due to changing personal circumstances of the owner/s such as illness, change of job, divorce, moving to another part of the world, etc.; and sometimes because the owner did not chose the breed carefully enough and have found that their characters do not match their lifestyle.

If you need the assistance of the Fox Terrier Rescue to help re-home your Fox Terrier or feel that you might be able to offer a good home to a Fox Terrier from Rescue
Please contact:

Trisha Broom - 01953 850454 or pbroom.roxway@virgin.net
Lee England - 01366 328826 (Norfolk) 07885 735044 (Mobile) or l.england@mypostoffice.co.uk
Malcolm Murray - 01283 542881 Fox Terrier Rescue Website - Click Here

Wire Fox Terrier Association - Re-homing Scheme
The Wire Fox Terrier Association have set up a Welfare and re-homing scheme catering exclusively for Wire Fox Terriers
Click Here for full details

The Yearbook

This high quality Yearbook documents the breed for the year and is seen by breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts of Fox Terriers throughout the world - most of whom will keep the book as a source of reference in years to come. An ideal place to advertise. Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading this top-notch full-colour publication they can attest is a MUST-own part of their library

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